I, Isaac Boatright, am a healer and teacher based in Eugene, Oregon. I offer a number of types of healing work, and teach classes and workshops on meditation and dreaming.

My healing outreach began in 2010 after a sudden and profound spiritual awakening experience precipitated deep changes in my interests and personality. I then began a daily meditation practice of what I now call Heart Presence, a method of meditation that involves directing attention inward to the heart and belly area in order to directly experience and cultivate connection with Great Spirit / Divinity / God-Goddess / Source. As I practiced this meditation, I repeatedly felt asked to offer healing work to others. Initially skeptical of my fitness for the task, I finally asked for an outer confirmation of this inner guidance. Within days I was approached by a stranger who asked me to give her energy healing. I agreed and witnessed a dramatic transformation of her mind and body after giving her energy healing from a meditative state while asking for assistance from Divinity (aka Great Spirit, God/Goddess, Source, etc.).

Spending much time and resources since then in study and practice, I have undergone additional spiritual awakening experiences, and currently answer the call to offer healing work via this site and the offerings you will find here.

I have been given a gift of healing. My work is for those who are doing their best, but find themselves in a place and time where they need a helping hand. I work in many ways, according to my clients' needs and the guidance I receive from Divinity and the spiritual beings that make my work possible. I am grateful to be able to do this work and to be part of your life in this way. I wish you the best in everything.



This website is dedicated to the healing and teaching work of Isaac A. Boatright.

Whether you are here as a potential client, a curious web-surfer, a fellow healer,

or a researcher, I hope you find something helpful.

Contacting me is easy. You can use the contact form on this website to get in touch. You can also sign up for my newsletter, an approximately semi-monthly email about my work, and you can donate funds to support my work.

Please review the website thoroughly, as there is much to read here among the different menu and sub-menu items, before sending any questions that I may have answered here already. I also encourage you to visit the sister-site Fluid Body Light, to learn about the massage therapy work that I do with my partner Anna Miller.


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is the ability to create and sustain coherence,

to change and change again,

to engage and release,

to find joy and happiness within

and to bring that forth like a flowering tree.

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