My journey into the world of alchemy began in 2004, when I traveled to the gorgeous Big Island of Hawai'i for permaculture education in a raw food community. At that time I was strictly following an all raw, vegan diet and had experienced deep healing as a result. David Wolfe taught me about Ormus and how to perform the Wet Method. I was fascinated by the etheric blue light that I saw in and around the ormus.


    Upon my return home I dedicated myself to learning more about ormus, which led me to enter the world of alchemy proper. In the ensuing years I have successfully made ormus from salt, gold, and many other materials both organic and inorganic. I have sampled ormus from many producers, many alchemists. I was fortunate to meet a couple of practicing alchemists in Eugene, Oregon, and learn a few things from them. I maintained a small laboratory for a couple of years, harvesting morning dew, distilling various liquids under vacuum, and performing many experiments. I devoted myself to the work with consuming fervor, learning that matter is incredibly magical and mysterious; that matter conducts all sorts of energies, cosmic and terrestrial; that matter responds to focused thought and intention; that matter lives and partakes of consciousness and intelligence to varying degrees; that many poisons can become fabulous medicines; that mineral elixirs can open the doors of perception in a way that is quite different to the effects of entheogens; and much more than I can say. I researched orgone, ionizing radiation, aetheric energies, and many other occult topics as well during this period of intense activity, incorporating my unique aetheric energy field effect devices into my laboratory work. Over time I was guided to work less externally and more internally.


    I continue to make and ingest Wet Method Ormus these days, usually from Dead Sea Salt, using the Wet Method on specially prepared materials. I make this material available to researchers and experimenters, for the following reasons:


    ‣ This material has had profoundly beneficial effects on my body and consciousness over the last 14 years, that continue to unfold to this very day.

    ‣ For those who make their own, it is still beneficial to ingest material from others in order to contrast and compare.

    ‣ Some people do not wish to make their own material.

    ‣ I have received a lot of positive feedback over the years, and made a lot of observations that show that this material is quite beneficial.

    ‣ I see Ormus as a food for the etheric body.

    ‣ Selling some of what I produce supports my research and, more importantly, my healing work.


    I also offer metallic "hydrosols." I call them hydrosols because they are pure metals, such as gold or bismuth, dissolved into distilled water by the use of high-voltage, low-amperage electrical current. A violet arc forms between the element and the water, and extremely fine particles enter the water in a highly charged state, where they remain suspended for months if stored in favorable conditions. These angstrom-sized minerals are then ingested by some people in order to absorb the element as a nutrient. I currently offer the following elements in this form:


    ‣ Gold

    ‣ Bismuth

    ‣ Indium

    ‣ Copper

    ‣ Zinc

    ‣ Silver

    ‣ Niobium

    I'd like to emphasize that these materials are made available to responsible experimenters in a raw and unpolished form, without commercial packaging and without oversight by the FDA or other regulatory agencies. They can be used in many ways. No returns or refunds are offered, because these are not offered as consumer products. By purchasing any of these offerings, you implicitly agree to this: These products are experimental, and you alone are responsible for how you use them.


    Although I occasionally teach how to make Ormus via the Wet Method, at this point I have largely shifted away from laboratory alchemy in order to focus on my healing and magical work.


Cost of Ormus varies from batch to batch. Volume discounts are possible. Please inquire.

Cost of hydrosols varies according to the element. Please inquire.

If there is a hydrosol you desire that is not listed, please inquire. It may be possible to create it.

Funds must be received in advance.

Donations are very much appreciated!

Please include a note with your donation, letting me know which aspect(s) of my work it is intended to support.