Angelic Healing is a method of working with incorporeal, aka inorganic, beings, to effect change. These beings are quite different from us, but they are called Angels because they are poised by their nature to give assistance and to thrive on our happiness and fulfillment. In this method I make your case to the Angel that is  most appropriate for your needs, and they act to systematically influence your life in order to create the desired change. The effects of the work begin immediately and often will progress for several months. The changes come in the form of intuitions, luck, emotional support, opportunities, and similar twists of fate and reality. Despite the use of the word Angel, please know that this ancient practice is not Judeo-Christian (nor is it anti-Judeo-Christian), nor am I. Please also be aware that I cannot divulge the names of the specific Angels I work with. If any of this is a problem for you, please consider my other offerings, or another healer, and know that you do so with my best wishes for your health and happiness.


If you are of a religious bent, please take time to consider if this work makes sense to you and is compatible with your religious leanings. I have no interest in talking you into this, beyond a clear presentation of what it is that I am offering here. My intent is to make a sincere offering, one that I know is of great value, and to let you feel out whether it is right for you at this time.


Angelic Healing can cover many topics. For example:


    * Receiving comfort

    * Loving and valuing yourself more

    * Finding new directions in your life

    * Receiving guidance

    * Sleeping more soundly

    * Being more creative

    * Finding romance

    * Healing a relationship (both parties need to agree to this)

    * Recharging yourself after a stressful period

    * Learning a new skill


The scope of this work can be small or large. For example, you might receive Angelic assistance for a difficult test or job interview, or you might receive it for adjusting to the passing of a loved one and embracing your new path in life.


This work is done remotely. I will perform the work sometime after receiving your payment, usually within a few days. I wait until the timing is right for maximum effect. The effects of the work may or may not be noticeable to you. Some sensitive people will feel Angelic presence or influence as a result of this work, while others may notice very little. While initially skeptical, my inner guidance lead me to this work. I have had very positive results with it, and so I am happy to offer it.


Pricing varies widely and can be determined in a phone call or even by email. An essential aspect of this work is your agreement to work towards your goal. This might include any or all of the following:


    * Doing your best with not worrying and not giving your time and energy to fear

    * Changing your diet, exercising regularly, or practicing yoga

    * Meditating daily for a specific period of time

    * Being social in a new way

    * Giving service to others


Before the work begins, we will discuss this aspect. Once you have agreed to take specific steps, and once I receive your payment, I will speak with the Angel(s) on your behalf. The effects of this work tend to be thorough and long lasting. Angels do not share our sense of time. For them, it is quite different, and they come to our aid from this very different relationship to time. Things may shift very quickly, sure, but keep in mind that the Angels take a very long view and have incredible patience. Because of this, you will best be able to assess the success of this work after several months have passed. If you feel desperate or impatient, that will need to be addressed before this work is done. In such a case I recommend Heart Cleansing and Energy Healing as prerequisites, both of which can be done remotely.


Requested payment: $60 to $600 sliding scale, dependent on your income and the level of assistance desired

Maximum number of sessions offered: N/A

Prerequisite healing work: Variable -- see above

Funds must be received in advance.