Questions and Answers

Here are some question and answers about my work. If you have a question that you don't see here, let me know. --Isaac

1.   Is this possible / Does this work? 

Yes, this is possible and usually works quite well. Please see the testimonials on this site for a few examples. I have seen people go from pain to ease and from sorrow to  gratitude with a single session. Most people feel something during the work and report positive inner and outer changes in the days, weeks, and months following the work. Some people feel nothing during the work, yet still report positive inner and outer changes in the days, weeks, and months following the work. And as with other healers, there are sometimes when healing doesn't happen, but they are few and far between.

2.   Will I feel something?

You might. Experience has demonstrated that you don't have to feel something in order to benefit. Feelings of heat, cold, wind, tingling, altered consciousness and visionary states, and a perception of benevolent presences in the room have all been reported. These feelings and perceptions are part of the process.

3.   Should I tell you what's going on with me? 

Hearing your story is welcome and helpful up to a point. A session usually begins with a brief discussion of what has brought you to my work. If you are someone who feels the need to speak at great length, this can cut into the time we've set aside for the healing work. I will enforce strong boundaries in order to be as successful as possible with the healing work. If you need someone who can simply listen to you, I can refer you to someone who offers that and does it very well.

4. What if I cancel an appointment?

I understand that there are times when an appointment needs to be canceled. If you've prepaid, I can refund up to 40% of your payment. I may make exceptions to this policy at my discretion. If you haven't prepaid, you'll need to communicate with me and arrange a cancellation payment before further appointments will be considered.

5. Why do you require payment in advance?

My inner guidance tells me that it is best that I require payment in advance so that I can be sure that my clients honor the value of my work. If you do not like the way I do things you are always free to work with someone else.

6.   Do my beliefs matter?

I don't need you to believe or disbelieve in anything. I've worked with animals, plants, children, and people of various faiths. Energy and Spirit are universal. If you remain open to the possibility of healing, that is enough.

7.   Which is better, remote or in-person work?

It depends on the type of healing work. When you read the description of each of my offerings, you'll see whether it's offered remotely, in-person, or in both ways. If it's offered in both ways, just choose the one that meets your needs and know that it is your best option.

8.   Will I need more than one session to heal completely?

I don't know. I always aim to effect the most healing possible in every session. My wish is to have one session suffice. Some needs are met with one, and others need more. It's up to you whether you come back for more.

9.   How long is a session? 

Please see the individual descriptions of my offerings for estimates of duration, but keep in mind that these are only estimates. Please plan your schedule so that you not only have plenty of time for the work, but plenty of time afterwards to integrate the work and rest in comfort.

10.   Will I have immediate results? 

I can't offer any guarantees (no healer can), but it has happened many times. Sometimes things shift very quickly, and sometimes it takes a while for movement and integration to occur. Clients often experience some immediate results and then experience an unfolding of further effects over the ensuing days and weeks and months. Can you allow deep changes in your thoughts, emotions, and behavior in order for maximum healing to occur? You should be willing to let go of choices and behaviors that cause you to suffer, and to engage new choices that allow you to thrive. I will do my best, and you must do yours.

11.   How do I schedule an appointment?

You can write to me, using the contact form on this website. You may also call me. My number is 902755564 x 6 -- you'll have to do the math (anti-robot measure). Please leave a message if I do not answer my phone! I respond as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours, and we can take it from there.

12.  How do I prepare for the session? 

I ask that you do your best to relax and open to the possibility of the miraculous, in whatever way feels right to you. Meditation, prayer, and ritual are all possibilities, but not required.

13. Can I pay you to do work for someone else?

For children, pets, disabled, and the very elderly, I may offer to perform limited healing services. For others (able-bodied adults), you can give them the money and they can give it to me. This is important, because they must be a voluntary participant in the process in order for it to be of maximum value.

14. Can you work with me for free?

I have been asked this many times. The answer is usually no, but there are exceptions. If you feel strongly that I can help you, yet you are at a loss as to how to pay me, you can still reach out to me. However, please understand that I will usually have to say no to a request for free healing, for a number of reasons:

• The work I do usually requires that you give something in order to make space to receive.

• My inner guidance tells me that the gift I have been given is meant to be shared as an exchange.

• It is not workable at this time for me to do a lot of work without receiving support for my expenditure.

If I do agree to do "free" work for you, you may be asked to satisfy some conditions related to your needs, such as community volunteer work or making specific changes in your life, in order to demonstrate your sincerity. Alternatively, you might make me an offer of what you are able to pay, an amount that feels significant but doable, and I can respond to that.

Other questions? 

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