I am one of many healers out there who can help you. To receive the best healing, you need to feel a strong resonance with whoever you work with. I'd like to remind you that you can always take some time to meditate, or pray, or go within yourself and ask your heart, or even do a tarot reading or something similar, to find out if a healer is a good match for your needs.
In the spirit of cooperation and community, I offer a few links for healers whose work I regard highly, who you may wish to consider. You can also read my Ethics page here, for some related ideas and observations on choosing a healer to work with.
Anna Miller
Anna Miller is a massage therapist and energy healer who I have worked with many times. Her powerful work has helped me tremendously and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She is currently my girlfriend and creative partner, but we have known each other since about 2002, and I was a client of hers years ago, long before becoming close in the way we are now. In addition to having our own practices, we collaborate to offer in-home programs. To learn more, visit fluidlucidity.com.
Vinny Pinto
Vinny Pinto is a remarkable mystic, spiritual healer, and spiritual teacher who operates the oldest sungazing listgroup on the web. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the topic of syntropic antioxidative microbe consortia, and his many webpages and listgroups span a wide range of fascinating topics. Topics include spiritual surrender, heart coherence, magnetite effect ormus water, raw paleo diets, negative hydrogen ions, and a lot more. Vinny's spiritual work comes from what he calls Spiritual Surrender and his relationship with Divine Mother. I've received and benefited greatly from spiritual healing with Vinny. I recommend having a look at his offerings if you think you might be feeling an intuitive nudge in that direction.
Shringara Hasya Devi
Quintessential Alchemy Healing Arts
Shringara offers shamanic healing in Eugene, Oregon. I have twice received healing work from her, and both times left feeling uplifted and empowered, with a renewed sense of wonder at the mystery of life.
Ron Wilding
b. March 21st, 1929  -  d. Oct 24th, 2013
Though Ron has passed away, I include his name here out of respect for his work. He was one of the most powerful distant energy healers I have worked with. His life and work have inspired me.