Adventures In Meditation: The Power of Heart Presence is a book that I've written to share my teachings beyond workshops and classes. It's a lucid and timely guide to accessing and implementing the power and intelligence of the heart and gut for emotional freedom, enhanced vitality, and deep transformation. Written in a practical and concise format, it includes:


♦ 16 methods of heart-based meditation, divided into 4 categories:

    ○ Emotional Alchemy

    ○ Self Healing

    ○ Relationships

    ○ Imagination

♦ Guidance for making meditation a part of your life.

♦ Perspective on the ups and downs of inner unfoldment.

♦ A synthesis of Toltec wisdom, modern heart science, and spiritual insights.

♦ A little about my path and how I came to this knowledge.

No spiritual bypassing here! Readers are sure to appreciate the easy candor, rooted empowerment, and broad relevance of this work.


The hardcover is available here

Paperback, available here

Kindle, available here


In these challenging times of massive global change, I choose to step forward as a teacher and share powerful techniques that, when implemented, will stir up, inspire, and create richness in your life. I began with Adventures In Meditation, a four-part series of intensive classes that I taught in Eugene, Oregon. I am continuing and expanding upon that teaching each month with two-hour meditation intensives, currently held in the community room of the East Blair Housing Cooperative.

The techniques I teach are distilled from years of meditation, dreams, study, and experimentation. Though they have parallels in and are informed by a number of traditions and cultures, the forms in which I teach them are new. When applied with discipline and sincerity, they create changes in you, changes in your life that bless you and everyone around you.

As humans, I see our core challenges as our stupidity, unconsciousness, laziness, and addiction to pain and suffering. Modern humans have gone to great lengths to map and shape the outer world, yet the relationship to our inner world has been neglected. To move forward in a meaningful way, we are compelled at this time in history to become more conscious of our inner workings, our dreams, rhythms, emotions, and the connections between our inner states, environment, and each other.

The foundation of all the meditations I teach is what I call Heart Presence. Heart Presence is a method of centering in the heart and belly that allows us to access and exercise the intelligence and magic of our inner being.

Meditation events are available on a regular basis, usually once per month. Classes consist of oral instruction, guided group meditation practice, and brief question and answer sessions after each exercise. My heart-centered approach to meditation comes from the heart-opening mystical and spiritual experiences that have ushered me into it. I incorporate teachings from the HeartMath Institute, Buddhism (Tong Len), Ho'opono'pono, and Quantum Touch. As a mystic, pan-spiritualist, and Toltec, I teach practices and exercises that lead to personal power, freedom, and realization of Infinity.

The Toltec material that I teach comes largely from teachings received through Sergio Magaña, in the Tol lineage of Nahualism.

Upcoming Events:

TBA ~ for emails, sign up here.

Past Classes:

April 2019

Imagining the Other: A Heart-Based Meditation Event

March 2019

Meeting Pain: A Heart-Based Meditation Event

February 2019

Internal Alchemy: A Next-Level Heart-Based Meditation Event

January 2019

Getting Unstuck: A Heart-Based Meditation Event

November 2019

Illuminating Relationships: A Heart-Based Meditation Event


November 2018

Entering the Infinity Within: A Heart-Based Meditation Event

September 2018

The Art of Dreaming: Planting And Canceling Dreams

June 2018

The Power of Heart Presence: A Meditation Event


November 2018

Death and Lucid Dreaming


April 2018

Opening the Flower of the Heart: A Meditation Event

March 2018​

Toltec Alchemy: Willpower and Discipline

​February 2018​

Awakening In Relationships: A Meditation Event


January 2018

The Mystery of Heart Presence: A Meditation Event


December 2017

Emotional Alchemy: A Meditation Event

November 2017​

Feeding The Energy Body: A Meditation Event


October 2017

The Art of Dreaming: Planting and Canceling Dreams

September 2017

Adventures In Meditation 4: Imagination


July 2017​

Adventures In Meditation 3: Relationships

July 2017

Ormus via Wet Method: Make Your Own Manna

June 2017​

Adventures In Meditation 2: Self Healing


May 2017​

Adventures In Meditation 1: Emotional Alchemy

April 2017

Advanced Affirmations

For more detailed information about each class before it happens, sign up for my emails. I usually send 1 or 2 per month.


As a lover of dreaming and a practitioner of nahualism, I teach dreaming practices that have proven highly efficacious in my life. These include planting and canceling dreams: methods to create dreams for specific purposes, and the wisdom of when and how to cancel dreams so that they will not bear fruit. There are many other teachings that I can share. I practice regularly to grow in skill and understanding.

Much of what I teach came to me through written and oral instruction from the famous Mexican healer, Sergio Magaña, Ocelocoyotl. You can learn more about the Tol lineage of nahualism in his workshops and books. When I asked Sergio for feedback regarding my desire to share these teachings, he told me that I am among the most disciplined of warriors and that I honor the lineage by teaching.

Toltec dreaming instruction is offered on a semi-regular basis, in both individual and group settings. Please contact me if you are interested in this spiritual path. My dream is to empower and uplift others with the magic of flower dreaming, to connect us in a powerful and loving community living the realization and expansion of the art of  dreaming.

In 2017, I taught The Art of Dreaming: Planting and Canceling Dreams, with Anna Miller. Here's the text from the facebook event page:

Dreams are the energetic basis of our life. Like the roots of a tree extending into the earth's rich depths, our dreaming self is fed and nourished in the worlds of our dreaming. Our dreams are the seeds from which grow the flowers and fruits of our waking lives. Before we have an experience here in the waking world, we dream it first. So our dreams offer us a very powerful way to change our lives for the better, being deliberate about what we are constantly creating with our energy and attention.

The Art of Dreaming is a vast topic! In this workshop, I will teach ancient Toltec methods of planting and canceling dreams. Prefatory to this I will speak about the Cipacnahualli - the language of dreams, and about the Tonal and the Nahual, two of our energetic bodies; the first one being the body used for daily life, and the second, for dreaming.

* Learn about the language of dreams in terms of the four directions, the four elements, death and birth, and colors
* Learn about the tonal and the nahual and how they can work together
* Learn to plant dreams in order to change yourself and your life in the best ways
* Learn to cancel dreams to avoid reaping a tragic harvest

These teachings are very accessible. Once you add the magic ingredient of personal practice, you will find they open doors in your psyche and in your life.

In these challenging times, my own form of activism is to step forward as a teacher and share powerful techniques that, when implemented, will stir up, inspire, and create far-reaching changes in your life.

I am an avid practitioner of what I will teach you. Everything I will teach has proven itself very effective in my life and the lives of everyone I know who has practiced. I entered into the current of nahualism at the age of 17, and since then I have always found it to be a path with heart. In recent years I was blessed to find a living teacher, Sergio Ocelocoyotl, and I will be transmitting to you ancient Toltec wisdom teachings that I have received from him, according to my own understanding and experience, of course. I recommend his book, The Toltec Secret, to learn more about dreaming. I also recommend his classes and workshops, if you feel the call. Please note that Toltec denotes a culture, and not a race ; any race can practice Toltec wisdom. The Toltecs studied the universe and their own inner workings, and found the measurements of the movement of energy and awareness in the universe, enabling them to reach the highest of human potential. My intent is that this class will honor and enliven that tradition through all of us.

In 2018, we will teach more. I plan to offer at least one dreaming class, and a workshop to teach Inetlapololtiliz, a practice of erasing personal history through the use of a mask and a mirror, fostering lucidity in both the dreaming and waking worlds.

Again, I invite you to write to me if you have sincere interest in these offerings.




One of the best ways to learn meditation, dreaming practices, and healing methods (for self and others) is through direct tutoring. I make this available to qualified individuals based on ability, affinity, availability, and funding. I welcome your inquiry.

Possible topics:

◦ Toltec dreaming practices

◦ Heart-centered meditation

◦ Obsidian mirror practices

◦ Healing with sacred fire and water


Requested payment: $40 to $280 hourly. This is a sliding scale, dependent on your income and the scope of our engagement.

Maximum number of sessions offered: N/A

Prerequisite healing work: to be determined

Funds must be received in advance.