During a very dark hour of a life-threatening health crisis, Issac showed up as a radiant light and offered his healing gifts, which served as a catalyst towards the healing of an aggressive cancer that no longer plagues this body.
I don’t know if I would’ve healed as swiftly without his generous and compassionate offering. I can now say that I’m a cancer survivor with his help!
Issac is a living example that love can be embodied and channeled for true and effective healing. Thank you infinitely, Issac! 🤗


-J. Yochanan Russell

Last fall, Isaac gave me some healing via phone. We talked briefly and then we stayed in silence for a few minutes. He gave me some great visualizations to focus on, and taught me a helpful mudra. When he was sending energy my way I could distinctly feel it warming and protecting my heart. Over the next two days he continued with his works, and we concluded with a second phone check in. He told me that the effects of these changes would continue over the next half year. I have felt a lot of improvements in my life since working with Isaac. I accomplished many personal goals; I found a place to live, began to learn a new healing modality, met a wonderful new partner, and found a great new job. After working with Isaac, I have been able to cultivate a renewed commitment to self care. I am also able to focus more clearly and passionately on my longer term goals and the steps I will take to get there. Thank you Isaac for your kind, sincere, and effective assistance!


-Adrian Myers

I have interest in commenting on your classes. My experience with your teaching has been great. So much growth experience for me. I am now dreaming. I hardly remembered my dreams before and they are plentiful and maybe meaningful now. I drift in and out of some, which may become lucid. I have lots of positive things to say.


-Lonn Welchman

I have received personal guidance and healing from Isaac Boatright for many years. The excelled levels of intuition and compassion I experience with him have been a tremendous blessing to my life and the lives of many. As a woman, I have always felt safe, sacred and respected which has allowed me the space to heal my relationship to my body and sexuality. I am so grateful for the layers of emotion he has helped me to unwind, now I feel more able to unlock my true joy, deep peace and sense of purpose. Thank you Isaac!


-Aarnika Helsing

These recent testimonials show some of the results my clients have experienced. I invite feedback, whether positive, negative, or neutral, from all of my clients. If you have feedback about your experience with my work, let me know!